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IntegratedThrusterTM Data

Thrusters for ROVs and AUVs are made to order.  We can accommodate different lead lengths and terminations, and there is some scope for alternative mechanical mountings.  Tunnel mounting for submarine and boat manoeuvring thrusters can also be provided.  Standard voltage is 24VDC; other voltages on request.

Standard thrusters are designed for slow moving ROVs where bollard pull thrust, forward and reverse thrust symmetry and good slewing performance are important.  We can provide propeller and duct variations for other applications.

The maximum power and hence thrust that a machine can produce is primarily limited by heating.  However it is always the case that for a given thrust, a larger unit will require less power.  So we give a typical power/thrust rating above which you should, if space permits, consider a larger unit.  We have tested the smaller units to many times these power ratings.

New sizes are introduced when demand is sufficient - please enquire about 150mm and larger sizes.

50mm thruster


79φ x 57.9mm long

0.45kg air/0.25kg fresh water

70mm thruster


108φ x 94.1mm long

1.15kg air/0.72kg fresh water

100mm thruster


140φ x 139.5mm long

2.27kg air/1.37kg fresh water

150mm thruster

From 300W/105N up to 1,000W/237N

208φ x 200mm long

7.7kg air/4.5kg fresh water

  • 300mm IntegratedThruster

  • Datasheet
  • Please enquire for more information

300mm thruster 

From 4,000W/1,000N up to 19,000W/2,500N

384φ x 291mm long

25kg air/15kg fresh water


 IntegratedThruster is a trademark of the University of Southampton.  Products developed under licence.

Data has been carefully checked and is believed reliable but does not form part of any contract. TSL Technology reserves the right to make product changes without notice.