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How much power can I extract?

When thrusting, you can put in as much power as it takes, up to the limit of your controller.  When you turn the blades faster the water will move faster and will absorb the power but you will get more thrust.

When generating, the water flow is a given.  Power capture is proportional to the rotor area - propeller diameter squared - and water speed cubed.  If you want kilowatts you need a metre or more diameter and several knots flow.  Megawatts come from 20 metre propellers.

One other point - you need to deliver the power in usable form, to a battery or power grid.  With our expertise in controllers and grid connected inverters we are well placed to offer a total solution package.

Generators - thrusters in reverse

Integrated thrusters generate power from water flow.

Our smaller units provide the opportunity for power to charge batteries and power small instruments.  We have extracted 30 watts from our 70mm thrusters.

TSL Technology is happy to advise you on applying our thrusters and controllers to power generation.

“Catching the power of the sea”

Harvesting energy

Despite the huge amounts of wind power capacity being installed worldwide, everyone knows, or should know, that capacity is not the same thing as output.  Wind farms on average can produce only a fraction of their capacity, and require backup power stations - additional, expensive and underutilised, reserve capacity.

Water is hundreds of times more dense than air.  Water flows are generally predictable and can even be controlled to enhance them.  Think of hydroelectric power.  So there are great opportunities for substantial and reliable power generation from rivers, oceans and pipe or channel flow.

TSL Technology is interested in discussing market opportunities for our technology up-scaled into the kilowatt realm and beyond.