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About TSL Technology

TSL Technology is a privately owned company founded in 1992 by engineers with many years experience developing advanced downhole oil-well exploration instruments.


After forays into rotary steerable drilling and permanent downhole equipment came the realisation that our skills in electric motor design, hydraulics, mechanical and electronic/software engineering would transfer readily to specialist industrial products.

Today while still very active in downhole exploration and production products, TSL Technology produces underwater propulsion systems, controls and power supplies, and grid-connected inverters and alternators for green energy turbine applications.

This is not easy technology.  It takes time and ongoing support and improvement.  Few companies can do it.  We can.

Development of new products with our customers is carried out in strict secrecy if appropriate - often extending years after commercialisation.  Our customers and ourselves benefit from clear agreements on IP and exploitation .


  • Full support of our products.
  • Commitment to quality.
  • One-stop shop for deep multidisciplinary engineering - bespoke solutions.
  • Long term relationships with key customers - integrated, trusted, supplier.
  • Solve problems others cannot.