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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What maintenance is required for the thrusters?
A: Generally just rinse in clean water and dry thoroughly with an air line.  The propellers are cast in marine grade aluminium and will not corrode significantly, and there are no seals.  After prolonged service use a brass brush to remove any deposits.  You can remove one of the duct rings, pull out the propeller and brush the hub end faces.  Take care to reassemble the same way around.

Q: What voltage power supply do I need?
A: The thrusters are normally supplied for 24VDC service, but can be wound for other voltages.  The key point is that if your application requires fast speed changes then energy has to be absorbed by the power supply.  If your supply cannot absorb power then an electronic clamp and/or absorber will be required.  We can advise on this.